Join Melissa for an informative, hands on experience

Aimed at those who want to feel more comfortable cooking healthy and delicious foods for yourself and your family, or are interested in expanding your repertoire of meals. We will focus on nutrition throughout, as I provide tips and strategies for creating palate pleasing and balanced meals at home.

We will concentrate on preparation, cooking methods, knife skills and more, as we chop, dice and roast our way to a new comfort level with the fresh foods you need for vibrant living! We discuss how to shop for the best produce, meats and poultry, stocking your pantry, and ideas for dealing with picky eaters and substitutions. Expect lots of hands on fun, great food, and take home recipes.

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Spring schedule


Spring Cleanse: Balancing the Body through Intuitive Practices Wednesday Evening March 27th | 7-9pm Scarsdale High School Join me at the Scarsdale Adult School!  Prepare your body for Spring in the first of my evening, “Eating With The Seasons” Nutrition Series. Part of the Eating with the Seasons for Optimal Health Series, through the Scarsdale Adult School Interested in the benefits of a spring cleanse? Learn practical tips and recipes for eating with the bounty of the season’s harvest. Spring is the season of regrowth, and the power of the spring harvest to assist our bodies’ natural impulse to detox after the long, cold winter. Emphasis will be on foods and practices that energize, balance weight, support vibrant health, and decrease common discomforts of the season such as allergies, colds and lethargy. Class includes recipes and tastings!


Sample classes include:

Incorporating Superfoods Into Your Everyday: Learn more about these powerful, healing foods, and how to use them to make smoothies, breakfasts, snacks and more. We’re talking Matcha, tumeric, chia, kale, pumpkin seeds, spinach, beets, etc.

High Energy Breakfasts: The old adage goes that we should “eat breakfast like a king.”  So why does it so often come from a box in the freezer or pantry? Learn how to make your own healthy and delicious whole-grain pancakes, breakfast bars, hot cereals and smoothies.

Plant Focused Nutrition For You and Your Family: Eating a plant-based diet is a key factor in long-term health. Get cooking with whole grains like quinoa, millet, bulgar and faro. Combine with roasted vegetables, tasty greens, and a variety of beans, nuts and seeds for the ultimate in nutritious cuisine.

Weeknight Basics, and “Repurposed Cuisine”: Simple goto recipes for lemony herb chicken breasts, crispy lemon broccoli and brown basmati rice. Learn how to turn a few basics into a week’s worth of delicious meals; chicken burritos, greek salad with oregano vinaigrette and more.

Dressings, Sauces and Dips! How do you make your salads shine? Want everyone to reach for the sliced veggies when hunger strikes? Let’s make some creamy garlic cashew dip, the one vinaigrette that tastes great on any salad, carrot ginger dressing, and pesto! There are so many healthy and delicious choices…these are just a few examples.

Salad, Salad, and did I mention… Salad? Not only are salads amazing one bowl wonders of nutritional promise, but they are a great way to get creative with fruits and vegetables you have sitting in your fridge, and items already in your pantry. We’ll talk greens, fresh vegetables, beans, and combinations that work, while we prep a few soon to be family favorites.

Easy Summer Meals: Focus on Fish: The summer is a perfect time for simple fish dishes that take advantage of basic preparations, and the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Learn about the amazing health benefits of fish; wild vs. farmed, organic labeling, brain boosting omega-3 fats and how to shop smart amongst different choices and claims at the market.