What is a holistic approach to nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is a valuable complementary health practice, meant to work synergistically with treatment by medical doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists or other professionals. It is based on the principles of balancing the whole body. This is achieved through diet and lifestyle changes specific to your individual needs.

How can we work together?

Initial Consultation

In this one hour session, we will discuss your concerns, current health status, food habits, as well as exercise and sleep patterns in order to develop your unique nutrition and lifestyle plan.

This plan will focus on practical steps you can begin to take, and strategies you can employ on the journey to better health. Advice may include incremental changes in your diet, lifestyle and self care, as well as recommendations for natural supplementation when indicated. Recipes, as well as other educational resources will be provided.

Follow Up Consultations

30 minutes

Improving health and healing is a gradual process. It requires small changes along the way for continued success. At these sessions, we will discuss your progress, challenges, and fine-tune your program. Food preparation demonstrations and tastings are integral to this practice. These sessions can conducted in person at my office, or over the phone.

How many sessions will you need?

The art and science of food and nutrition is expansive, and each person’s path to well being is unique. The number of appointments required depends on factors such as your current health status; at what pace you make changes to your eating and lifestyle habits; and your health and wellness goals. We will decide on future appointments together, during the initial consultation.