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A Pure Life Nutrition

Weight Management

Get back on track to a slimmer and more vibrant self through small changes in eating habits and lifestyle.
Are you frustrated with your weight, and all the conflicting advice that you hear about losing it? I can help. Life and its daily challenges have a way of sidetracking our best efforts to maintain an optimal body weight for both health and happiness. Years of medical research have proven that weight loss can help increase energy, (decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels) while improving overall health and longevity. No two people are alike, so we will work together to create a unique plan befitting your body and lifestyle. The insight you gain through this process will serve as a valuable tool to keep you on a healthy path throughout life.

A Pure Life Nutrition


Do you feel worn out, have intense sugar cravings, or feel that your health and diet are not what you’d like them to be? Let’s begin a journey toward feeling your best.
We will address your current lifestyle, health, and eating patterns, outlining a plan for improving your well being as relates to the food and nutrients you intake on a daily basis. Specifically, we will discuss ways to enhance metabolism, support a healthy gut, and gain more energy. I will provide you with tips and meal ideas to get started. We will assess the changes you’ve made along the way, and how they are working for you. I offer personalized recipes for meals and snacks that are satisfying and energizing, as well as suggestions for natural supplements to address underlying deficiencies if needed.


As we live, eat, and breath, we accumulate toxins in the body. The effects of processed foods and overindulgence with alcohol and sugar add up. Cleansing is an ideal way to flush the body of toxins and chemicals, while supporting its natural process of healing.
It is an opportunity to reset when you’ve fallen off a healthy path, or a starting point as you begin a new wholesome lifestyle. Signs that it is time to cleanse include; feeling sluggish, bloated, achy or moody, chronic gas or constipation, enlarged appetite, difficulty losing weight and troubled skin. During a cleanse, you will focus on eating clean nourishing foods, while avoiding potential irritants to the body. A good cleanse is both gentle and effective for anyone in generally good health. After completing a cleanse, expect to feel pure, energized, restful, and in control of your appetite and cravings.

A Pure Life Nutrition

Strategic supplementation

Should you be taking supplements? If so, which ones and how much? There are many choices in the dietary supplement market — an staggering number of companies selling a dizzying array of products, all promising results. I’ve sorted through those options to share the best products that support the health of both my family and clients.
I source from a handful of companies that are committed to using superior raw ingredients and best manufacturing processes to create supplements that enhance one’s wellbeing. Scientific recommendations for nutritional supplementation are always evolving, and I base my guidance on cutting edge data from both traditional and alternative medicine. I can confer with your doctor, as needed, to ensure products work safely to promote natural healing.

A Pure Life Nutrition

Integrative Medical Nutrition

Small adjustments in diet and lifestyle may greatly improve outcomes for numerous chronic illnesses.
Diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, kidney disease, autoimmune, are among the disorders that respond well to nutrition intervention. In many cases, changes in diet with the addition of supportive nutrients, can help reduce the quantity or need for medication.

A Pure Life Nutrition

Food Shopping and Pantry Makeovers

Shopping at the Grocery store can be overwhelming, given the staggering number of choices and conflicting nutritional information provided down every aisle. I’ve spent hours in our local grocery stores investigating, tasting, and reading labels, and can help you navigate through the clutter to find the best products for you and your family.
I will learn about how you eat, and target the tour to best suit your needs. In just a few hours, you will learn all the tricks of the trade; how to decipher a label to find out if an item really is “healthy” and full of “whole grain.” Discover simple facts about carbohydrates, fats, sugar and salt, enabling you to quickly choose the best snacks from the pack, and what ingredients to avoid in a wholesome diet.

A Pure Life Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Are you a runner, triathlete, cyclist, or general weekend warrior? If so, your body needs the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fluids to fuel your fitness.
Get ideas for meals, snacks and drinks both pre and post exercise the maximize energy and performance.

A Pure Life Nutrition

Child, Adolescent and Family Counseling

Food is first and foremost fuel for daily life, but it can exist in many forms within the family dynamic. It may be a source of comfort, a show of generosity, or an expression of nurturing. It can also be a point of contention, when children are picky eaters, and raise parents’ concern.
I enjoy working with children, young adults, and families, to manifest a positive connection with food. Children engage in learning the importance and benefits of healthy food for a strong body in a fun and easygoing environment. I aim to expose them to new foods and snacks that they can sample, as we work through the task of building a balanced diet.

A Pure Life Nutrition


Aromatherapy is both the art and science of using naturally extracted aromatic essential oils from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of the body, mind and spirit (energy).
The numerous applications of pure essential oils can be used to reduce anxiety, heal skin disruptions, induce sleep or calm an upset stomach. The traditional medical community is embracing the benefits of this valuable practice, with hospitals here in New York City offering aromatherapy to patients as a way to improve outcomes. I incorporate the medicinal properties of pure essential oils into my practice to address the whole person and stimulate the body’s natural ability for healing. Handcrafted oils, balms, salves, creams, scrubs, inhalers and synergies for diffusers, help balance your body and promote well being.

A Pure Life Nutrition

Corporate Wellness

Employers are embracing the benefits of a healthy workplace culture, and nutrition is a integral component.
I present basic seminars on a range of topics, including; eating for optimal health, weight management and boosting energy. I can consult with in house catering to develop nutritionally balanced menus, and offer employees tips for ordering high quality meals from the list of food establishments offered by Seamless Web, et. al.