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I guide clients on a personal journey towards lasting well being, through the integration of nutritional insight and healthy practices. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved health, increasing energy, enhancing mood, or boosting athletic performance, I can help you reach your destination.

we will create a pure and simple strategy
that fits your individual lifestyle and needs.


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I am faithful to the basic principles of nourishing the body with a balanced diet of fresh whole foods.  Fads will ebb and flow, but learning the foundations of nutrition for health will serve you for a lifetime.  I believe food should be chosen and prepared with care, and enjoyed profusely.  Eating well is not about deprivation, but appreciation, and there is a place for both vegetables and ice cream cones in a wholesome diet.  No matter your career, schedule or limitations, you can find ways to improve your health and well being through both big and small changes in your diet and lifestyle.

“True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington”  -Anonymous

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Melissa's course put me on a solid path for pursuing my nutrition goals - her skills at distilling and communicating important information into a user friendly and actionable format (including helpful reference guides) gave me the practical roadmap I have been seeking for lasting health.

Marc P.

Melissa’s classes are fantastic. She is not only extremely knowledgeable about the field of nutrition and integrative health, she is also a passionate educator. You can feel the amount of thoughtful planning that she puts into everything she does. I’ve attended both an in-person cooking class (pre-Covid) and a virtual "immune function" lecture series. Her enthusiasm and desire to both educate and empower her students is amazing. Melissa has helped me take greater ownership of my health by having me focus on a handful of concrete and manageable changes in my diet and lifestyle. These changes have made a noticeable difference in my digestive health and how I feel overall. I have learned so much from Melissa!

Tracy U.

Melissa is such a pleasure to listen to and learn from. She is very knowledgeable, scientific based and at the same time she is empathic and kind.  She is not someone that would impose on you, but makes sure that she finds a way to work with your lifestyle and personality.  I have attended her nutrition webinars and in-person cooking classes, and have always left with a sense of balance and ease. Her recipes are simple, unpretentious and delicious. I have learned how to make small changes in my food choices and self-care that make a big impact on how I feel. I had never checked ingredients on a food label at the market, and I was in for a big surprise - now I know how to look past the hype, and choose healthful items with clean ingredients for my family. Because of Melissa, I have incorporated adaptogenic herbal teas in my day to day diet, and I love feeling more grounded and calm.

Claudia G.

I can't recommend Melissa highly enough, she is a gem. I have attended Melissa's in-person cooking classes -- she imparts her knowledge of foods and their storied histories and nutritional values with eloquence, insight and candor. Her dedication to educating her clients is impressive. Melissa identified aspects of my lifestyle and meal patterns which ultimately led to my slowing down, and integrating vibrant, delicious whole foods into my diet. Feeling healthier and much more energetic, I have since, referred Melissa to numerous colleagues to appreciate her talents and process.

Alison G.

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