Tips & recipes for healthy eating and a balanced life

I guide clients on a personal journey towards lasting well being, through the integration of nutritional insight and healthy practices. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved health, increasing energy,
enhancing mood, or boosting athletic performance, I can help you reach your destination.

Together, we will create a pure and simple strategy that fits your individual lifestyle and needs.


Melissa is such a pleasure to listen to and learn from. I have attended her nutrition webinars and in-person cooking classes, and have always left with a sense of balance and ease.

Claudia G.

Melissa has helped me take greater ownership of my health by having me focus on a handful of concrete and manageable changes in my diet and lifestyle.

Tracy U.

Her skills at distilling and communicating important information into a user friendly and actionable format (including helpful reference guides) gave me the practical roadmap I have been seeking for lasting health.

Marc P.