Finding Balance In A Season Of Decadence…

The period between thanksgiving and the new year is joyous.

It is the one time of year we tend to let go and bask in the warmth of time spent with family and friends.

Wherever you live, whatever your culture or nationality, food and drink are the heart of holiday celebrations.  With all this festivity, it is no coincidence that come January 1st, the most popular New years resolution is “losing weight.”  We are taught the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions from an early age, but the cruel fact is that most of us just aren’t keeping them*.  If you tend to gain a pound or two each holiday season, but are unsuccessful in taking it off, you may see the needle on the scale, and your jean size inching up over the years.

What if you could eat and drink your way through the joyous vestiges of 2016 mindfully, and wake up on January 1st feeling clean and clear!  By listening to your body, and practicing a few basic principles, you can savor this season without regret.

A Holiday Eating Success Primer

Nourish your body and mind with high nutrient foods at every meal

Morning Maintenance…

Start the day with a couple of large glasses of water to hydrate and help get the digestive tract moving along.

Incorporate a high quality probiotic supplement with your morning water to keep the body’s flora in balance, during this period where you veer from your typical sleep schedule, eating and drinking habits.   This can help ward off bloating and indigestion.

A fresh berry bowl is packed with fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and can provide energy for a morning workout.  If you crave a more substantial breakfast,  add 1/2 a sliced banana,  and a couple of tablespoons of greek yogurt to the berries.  The added carbs, protein and fat will keep you satisfied for hours.

Finding Balance - A Pure Life Nutrition

A Lasting Lunch…

Focus on crisp vegetables and salads at lunch (that require effort to chew and swallow).  Dress with a  vinaigrette, or EVOO and fresh lemon, and top with beans, salmon, eggs, grilled chicken or another high quality protein.  Diced avocado and a small portion of wild or brown rice can be mixed in.  The water content of fresh vegetables and high nutrient density cleanse the body, and the balance of protein and healthy fats help keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the afternoon.

Finding Balance - A Pure Life Nutrition

Party Time!

After choosing an outfit, applying makeup and drying my hair….I attend to the most important part of my pre-party preparations…I eat an apple! (preferably organic – with the skin intact) before heading out.  Honey Crisps are my favorite this time of year.  With 4 grams of belly filling fiber (per medium apple) and around 100 calories,  this vitamin C packed snack holds the key to your self control.  Slice up a few apples, squeeze with lemon juice and pack in ziplocks in the fridge, for on-the-go ease.  The number one rule of thumb…NEVER arrive to a party famished.  Drinking on an empty stomach not only leads to morning after misery, but inevitably results in a nasty food hangover!  Now that we are talking about alcohol, Enjoying a drink or two is part of the fun, but try sticking to something simple without syrups and sugary sodas.  Gin or vodka and club soda with a dash of cranberry juice and lime, or a glass of wine are prime choices.

Keep in mind, if you focus on the vegetables, there is less room for everything else.  Fill up on crudite, salad greens and vegetable sides, and then dig into the meats, cheeses and other delicious offerings.  By quelling your hunger before approaching the heavier foods, you will be able to choose those that you are really in the mood for, and eat them slowly (savoring the flavor of the braised beef short ribs, or mini grilled cheese hors d’oeuvres).  Head to the fruit platter for dessert, and fill in with a couple of bites of your favorite cake.

As we get older, we learn that everything in moderation is one of the keys to successful life.  This is no less true when it comes to enjoying the holidays.

Finding Balance - A Pure Life Nutrition

Happy Holidays and Happier Eating!

  • While only 39% of people in their twenties achieve their resolution each year, an even lower 14% report success after the age of 50.

New Years Resolution Statistics

  University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology October 27, 2016


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